Svostrup kro´s historie​

At the reord office there is a note from a diary where Erik Klipping in 1280 wrote:

" Tomorrow we are going north and will be crossing the Gudenå at Svostrup, there is a little resthouse."

We are sure that this socalled resthouse was Svostrup Kro, as is was situated in a very central spot where the road between the kingtown Skanderborg and the court in Viborg crosses the Gudenå

About 10-15 meters south of the present Bridge in the backyard, there is a ford.

Where the soil was hard enough for the horsecarrigages to pass. 

No One knows exactly what happened here before 1809 where Captain Erik Biller, the owner of Grauballegård and Møllerup estate. Sells Svostrup Kro to copyholder Cristen Hansen and Ane the daughter of Peder. In the deed a flatbottonred Boat and 12 heads of oxes mentioned. A head of a oxe is a 240 liters barrel, so all in all there must have been around 3000 liters of old danich beer,

I skiftet nævnes en kaag ( en fladbundet båd ) og hele 12 oksehoveder.
Et oksehovede er 240 liters tønder, så der har været op mod 3000 liter øl eller mjød, So we have to say that the inn already in those dags was full of life and good people.

Christen & Ane runs the inn up until 1815. After that their daughter Anne and her husband Søren Bull takes over. Søren came from a cultivad priest family and he owned a lot of initiativ, In 1834 he succeeded in getting a royal permission from the King Christian VIII. He now was allowed to run the inn and ferry service.

Søren Bull died in 1851 and left the inn to his daughter Anne, she had to pay her 6 siplings 150 rix-dollars and she also had to pay her father debt of 750 rix-dollars.
Anne married Anders Jensen who was a good businessman and he knew how to get the best out of the inn.

It was in those years that Michael Drewsen buildt his paperfactory in Silkeborg and he needs tranportation of his product to and from Silkeborg. Drewsen made the bargemens path next to the Gundeå, from Silkeborg to Randers

At the Inn, Anders was always busy and in 1856 he build a new framhouse, where - from he ran the inn, grocer's shop and mail service. Besides that he buildt a tow-storeys werehouse.

He bought the farmers corn, sold it to the bargemen and return he delivered rope, grocery, metal and other things to the farmers. He become a welthy man and he even became the president of the parish counsil. Trough the years Anders Jensen bought a great deal of land and in 1872 he bought Grauballe Inn. After Anders´death in 1893, Anne sells Svsotrup Kro to the eldest son Christian for the sum of 18100 Dkr. Besides that they made a document that allowed the mother to live in the inn until her death in 1899. this document is still in the inn today.

The youngest son Jens Peter was allowed to buy the Grauballe Kro for 6000 kr. Christian married Ane Johanne from Grauballe and they ran the inn together. But the times changed and barge busness is outnumbered by railroads.

In 1871 the railroad between Århus - Skanderborg - Silkeborg was buildt and in 1908 the Silkeborg - Langå railroad came. This killed the bargebusiness.

Christian and Johanne had 3 children, Anders, Peder and Ane Elenora. Anders died at 24 years old. Peder came a lawyer. Ane stayed all her life at her birthplace

Svostrup Kro med Pakhuset til venstre

Christian died in 1930 and Johanne ran the inn together with her daughter Ane, until 1948 where Johanne died.

Ane and Peder inhereded the inn, but Peder left the business to Ane. - Ane was known as " Ane from the Inn" We would like to remember her, not least for her good food, but also for her great concern for her fellow peopel. many times we have heard how people came into Anes kitchen to enjoy the warm of her big kitchen range, her lovely food, have a coffeepunch and a game of cards.

Ane never got married and she ran the Inn until october 1966.

She moved into the annex about 50 meters from the inn.

After that drifferent tenants ran the inn, wiht the help from Ane, but whene Peder died in 1973 only few months went by before Ane also died. It is said that they vere very close.

Here after, Peder's tow sons, Carsten and Peder inhenited the inn.

In 1981 a new tenant was needed and this is when the present

owner of Svostrup Kro comes into the story.

After 4 year as a tenant, Niels løgager pursuaded the two brothers

to sell him the inn.

It must have been a very difficult decision for the brother,

since the inn hed been in their family for 172 years.

Niels Løgager has in the last 25 years, restored the inn and has made a small museum with all sorts of things from the days when Ane ruled the inn.

That Ane loved the inn and still follows the the daily routine is something both gueats and staff can tell you about.

Not rarely we experience that " forgotten" candles is blown out, we hear steps in the library eventhough we have no guests. So we think Ane is still here and watches over us all.

The history of Svostrup Kro was told by:

Eracnd Niels Løgager

Erna and Anders Peder from the AnnexGården

And Tage Franck from local record office in Gjern

​Svostrup Kro A/S

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Svostrupvej 58

8600 Silkeborg

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Svostrupvej 58
8600 Silkeborg
Tlf.: 8687 7004
CVR: 30541170